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Oregon Coastal Flowers LLC

Oregon Coastal Flowers LLC began producing flowers and bulbs in 1994. Since that time we have evolved into America’s premier supplier of calla lilies, hydrangeas, flowering branches, specialty forest products, wedding arches, and much more.

Our unique micro climate here on the Oregon Coast allows us to produce the finest calla lilies and hydrangeas in the world as well as other special floral products.  See photos of all our products at:  Oregon Coastal Flowers.  We have more recently evolved into providing a full array of flowering branches, specialty forest products, wedding arches, and a full line of specialty floral products that we source throughout the entire Northwest.

We are a family ran business which focuses on producing our products as naturally as possible.  Our farm is located along the Kilchis River  in Tillamook, OR, which borders the Tillamook State Forest.  We are  Salmon Safe Certified, which demonstrates that we use management practices that protect water quality and restore fish habitat.  In addition to using integrated pest management, we employ many organic farm practices.

We are not perfect, but we certainly work very hard to produce only the best quality products.  We are large enough to be consistent in our offerings, but small enough to maintain quality and control.  We are good honest people and you’ll find it a pleasure dealing with us.