Green Snowball Viburnum is available early spring.  They start out green and then turn to white.  They are also known as Japanese Viburnum.  We also have pink snowballs available later in the season.

“Nice enough to share a piece of the Oregon Coast with the rest of you.”
Amado and Samual have both worked for OCF for over 20 years. They are great family members! Photo taken last summer in front of the Hydrangea Ranch.
Oregon Coastal Flowers LLC, 9455 Kilchis River Rd., Tillamook, OR 97141
503.815.3762 (office), 503.815.9326 (fax),
Blueberry branches available to ship starting Tuesday afternoon. 5 stems/bch. 10bch/1/2 box and 20bch per full box.
Fresh Lunaria Pods,both purple and green available to ship today. Dried lunaria pods available in 60 days.
Farm Photos
Samual is a long time employee. He’s in charge of cutting peonies.
Blueberry Branches
Blueberries are one of our most popular branches.
This year’s lunaria crop looks amazing. Look forward to lots of lunaria pods availaable this late summer/fall.
Mood Moss
We just harvested some great quality mood moss. They are vibrant green.
Coral Driftwood
New Coral Driftwood has arrived. $6.00/pound. $5.00/pound when purchasing 100#+
Flowering Dogwood
Here is a photo of one of our Simmental Cows and her calf.
Green Snowballs
Green snowballs are looking great!
Spider Roots
We sell these roots for $6.00/pound. They sell very well, mostly used in terrariums and aquariums.
White & Pink Cherry
White cherry is looking real good right now. this is about 5 days post shipping with proper staging.
My wife Monika and daughter Nina with Brownie, our dog in front of our purple hydrangeas.
Alder Poles
Alder poles are in good supply. This is our native birch. They have more lichen & moss on them than birch, but aren’t quite so brilliant white. Eight feet tall is the standard height, but we can cut to any height and diameter with some notice.
Natural Wedding Arches
We make pergolas and chuppahs out of alder wood, our native birch type wood on the Oregon Coast.
Late Season Flowering Branches:
Flowering Dogwood
Peonies are developing nicely. We hope to have peonies prior to Mother’s Day. Stay tuned for updates.
A dreary day on the Oregon Coast.
Our new barn — using timber frame construction — is coming along nicely.
family flower farm
Oregon Coastal Flowers LLC, 9455 Kilchis River Rd., Tillamook, OR 97141
503.815.3762 (office), 503.815.9326 (fax),