Limelight Hydrangeas are grown under cover.  Early on they are green in color. The next stage is blush/cream colored hydrangeas as they begin to aga.  Late in the Fall they are nearly brown in color (attractive, sell able brown).

“Nice enough to share a piece of the Oregon Coast with the rest of you.”
The Ultimook Race will be held Sept. 7th on our farm. It features 110 high school and middle school teams from as far away as Arizona, California, and Idaho. We have 3,000 participants and over 2,000 specatators. It makes for a busy weekend.
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World Famous Antique Hydrangea
Limelight Hydrangea–Fresh
Dried lunaria branches. We are busy harvesting and don’t have time to clean them. But they are very dry and clean nicely. Each bunch takes about 10 minutes.
Select burgundy pistacio are available for $3.00/stem.
Nina 16 years old with a hop vine.
Diablo Ninebark ready
Montbretia Pods.
Green Oak.
Pee Gee Hydrangeas are just now starting. They do not have the pink cast to them yet, it will take a week or two more for that….
This year’s corn maze is looking great!!!
Gloriosa Lily bunches. 3 stems/bch. 3-4 flower buds per stem for 9-15 buds/bch. Shed old flowers, new ones flower. Long stemmed vines.
World famous Antique Hydrangeas.
Lunaria pods are more antique right now. We will start selling dried pods in about 6-8 weeks.
Blueberry branches available to ship 5 stems/bch. 10bch/1/2 box and 20bch per full box.
shipped fedex daily & air cargo only on Wed. am.
Building a new barn. The wood has been milled from my parent’s forest and the stone gathered from my creek bed.
Farm Photos
Mood Moss
We just harvested some great quality mood moss. They are vibrant green.
Twisted Rattan
Mossy Branches
Spider Roots
We sell these roots for $6.00/pound. They sell very well, mostly used in terrariums and aquariums.
Coral Driftwood
New Coral Driftwood has arrived. $6.00/pound. $5.00/pound when purchasing 100#+
A dreary day on the Oregon Coast.
Our new barn — using timber frame construction — is coming along nicely.
family flower farm
Oregon Coastal Flowers LLC, 9455 Kilchis River Rd., Tillamook, OR 97141
503.815.3762 (office), 503.815.9326 (fax),