Oregon Coastal Flowers is hosting a specialty plant sale on March 12-13 from noon to 5 PM.  We are offering mature 10 year old + plants bareroot.  These are very large plants and will appear to have been planted in your yard/garden for many years.  They have been pruned heavily for ease of handling, so they will not flower this first spring/summer, however, will be gloriously full of flowers next year as they have been expertly grown to full size productive plants.  All plants are bareroot.

Purchase 10+ plants and get 10% off.  Purchase 100+ plants and get 25% off (good opportunity for fellow flower farmers or those looking to get into the business).  Delivery available in Tillamook County for $25 for the first plant and then $10 for each additional plant.  Planting is also available in Tillamook County for $25/plant (unless we are digging through rock).  Please see photos of available varieties below.  Fill out this form to reserve your plant to be sure we reserve your special plant today.  FILL OUT THIS FORM TO RESERVE YOUR PLANTS.

We are offering:

Mature Popcorn Viburnum $75

Mature Snowball Viburnum $75

Mature Purple Hydrangea $85

Mature White Hydrangeas $55

Mature Blue Hydrangea $75

Mature Specialty Bi-Color with Double Lacecap White — 2 plants were started together, a bi-color hydrangea and double lacecap white–all in the same plant $85

+ = One Plant

Mature Double Lavender Hydrangea $85

They are bareroot and should be planted within 1-2 weeks.   Here are a couple photos of them for sale: