Pistacio Tri-Color Hydrangea


These tri-colored hydrangeas are called Pistacio.  They range in color from leprechaun green early in the season, green, red, and various other shades in mid-season, and nearly red with some purple highlights late in the season.  If any one particular shade will not work for you, please call our office at 503.815.3762 to find out what shade is/will be available for your special event.  Pistacio hydrangea are quite small compared to our other hydrangeas, their stems are shorter and their head size is smaller.  The average stem length is 14″ and the average blooms range from 4-6″ in diameter. If you’re expecting large blooms with tall stems, please do not order these.  However, their colors are amazing!

Our mild climate promotes larger blooms, vivid colors, and less sun scorching.  Fresh colored hydrangeas are available from mid-June through August.  Antique hydrangeas are available starting in August until sold out or weathered out.


10 stems:  $59

40 stems:  $149

80 stems:  $249

150 stems:  $449

Shipping options & cost:

Local pickup, $0

Oregon shipping, $14.99

Washington & CA shipping, $29.99

All other states shipping, $39.99


Natural White Hydrangea with a Blue Cast
Dark Pink Hydrangea Flowers
White Hydrangea Grown on a Family Farm

Hydrangeas should comfortably last 3-5 days with appropriate care.  Please cut hydrangea stems upon arrival and put in fresh water in a clean vase--do not delay from cutting and placing in clean water--any delay can affect water uptake.  Keep in cool area with no direct sunlight.  Re-cut stems, dump and rinse vase, and replace with clean water every 1-2 days to maximize vase life of these hydrangeas.

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10 stems, 40 stems, 80 stems, 150 stems


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