Decorative concrete in the Pacific Northwest

Heavy bark textured fire pit in complement with 8″ reclaimed lumber patio with a chiseled gray border.

Decorative concrete contractor on the Oregon Coast.

Concrete stamping cobble, European fan, & reclaimed lumber.

Concrete stamping in Tillamook, Oregon.

Cobble field with European fan walkway and granite border.

Decorative concrete patio, driveway, living space, fire pit, & overlays in Oregon & Pacific Northwest.

Ashlar Blue Stone, gray color hardener & storm grey antique accent.

Decorative Concrete artisan

We bring a piece of artistry to every one of our projects.  We consider our role as an artist first and a contractor secondary.  I can help design your dream outdoor living space, patio, deck, walkway, driveway, fire pit, & more.  We do overlays too.

Stamp Options

We can stamp using over 20 different patterns & styles along with over 15 border textures.  Combine with multiple color schemes and the possibilities are endless.    See all stamp options.

Color options

We employ advanced coloring techinques to yield the highest quality projects with depth & flair.  Each concrete stamp has a base color (integral or color hardener), a border color, and an antique accent which gives the stone/wood a natural look.   See all colors here.

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