Winter Branches

Including birch branches, pussy willow, colored dogwood, vine maple, manzanita, mossy branches, & much more.

Winter Branches, Pussy Willow, Birch, Colored Dogwoods, Manzanita:

Winter Branches, Pussy Willow, Birch, Colored Dogwoods, Manzanita

Oregon Coastal Flowers carries a wide assortment of winter branches that can be used for floral designing year round.  These include, but are not limited to:  pussy willow, alder/birch trees, manzanita, manzanita leafless, sandblasted manzanita, birch branches, walking stick (contorted chestnut), mossy branches apple, green mossy branches, vine maple mossy branches, red dogwood, chartreuse (yellow) dogwood, orange dogwood, grape vines, vine maple, and much more.  We responsibly harvest most of these in the Oregon State Forest just across the river from our farm.  Please subscribe to our newsletter list to stay up to date with our offerings or call 503.815.3762 to talk to us in person.

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