We provide a high quality flocking service.  We have over 10 years of experience flocking trees and specialty branches, shipping nationwide.  Our flocked trees and branches have adorned the homes of many Hollywood stars each year. Two years ago our flocked snowman was featured on the Ellen Degenerer Show.  We are gearing up to supply this service to our local community.  We flock using light, medium, and heavy flock application–to your preference.  Our main color of flock, of course, is white.  Besides white, we additionally flock with brilliant blue, purple, pink, red, and green.  All colored flock (not white) will have a light dusting of glitter applied to provide depth of color (otherwise tree color appears flat).  All flocked trees undergo a climate controlled 24 hour curing period.

We flock every Tuesday and Thursday.  Therefore, deliver your trees to our office at 9455 Kilchis River Rd., Tillamook, OR 97141 by Monday or Wednesday for Wednesday and Friday pickup, respectively.  Our office hours are 8 am to 2:30 pm Mon.-Thursay and 8am to noon on Fridays.  Outside of these hours you can drop off in the barn in the center of our farm–the barn used for the pumpkin patch.  Please clearly mark your tree…. otherwise it could get lost in the system.

You can pickup your tree 24 hours after our Tuesday or Thursday flocking session.  All tree pickups will be in our barn in the center of the farm (the same one used for our pumpkin patch).  Each tree will be inside a giant bag.

After we measure you’re tree, we’ll come up with a price based on the pricing chart below. We will e-mail you an invoice.  You can pay via e-mail (paypal) or by check upon pickup:


White Flocking prices per foot

Height of tree (ft)                           Light Flock                    Medium flock                   Heavy Flock

3-8’                                                     $8                                        $10                                      $12

9-11’                                                  $10                                      $12                                      $15

12’+                                                    $12                                      $15                                      $18


Colored Flocking prices per foot

Height of tree (ft)                           Light Flock                    Medium flock                   Heavy Flock

3-8’                                                     $16                                      $20                                      $24

9-11’                                                  $20                                      $24                                      $30

12’+                                                    $24                                      $30                                      $36