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Wholesale Spirea Branches our hot sellers, but no Cherry Picking!

Spirea branches are hot sellers.  But please no cherry picking.  We only sell spirea to our branch customers to prevent cherry picking. spireaWholesale Fresh Cut SpireaCut SpireaWhite Blooming SpireaWhite Spirea FlowersFresh White Spirea for Your Wedding Nice enough to share a piece of the Oregon Coast with the rest of you.   Popcorn Viburnum, Pink & White Cherry, Peach, Spirea shipping this coming weekend. 888.815.0885 toll free phone   *  1.503.815.9326 fax 9455 Kilchis River Rd., Tillamook, Oregon 97141   * Family Update One of my favorite family photos_ my wife Monika and Nina who is now 15...

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Double Blooming Pink Cherry Branches 3.20.18

Double Flower Pink Cherry Blooming Branches Pink cherry branches is one of our best blooming branches we have available.  They have double flowers and we have them available from the first of February through the middle of May (or until sold out–and this is highly weather dependent).  We offer tips, medium and tall size.  This product is also in the highest demand and is the most profitable for us and our customers. Flowering Pink CherryPink Cherry BlossomPink Flowering CherryBlooming Pink Cherry BranchFlowering Pink Cherry BranchesPink Cherry BloomsPink Cherry BranchesPatriotic Pink CherryPink Cherry FlowersAbundant Pink Cherry BloomsFlowering Pink CherryPink Cherry...

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Prunus Blooming Branches 3.12.18

Prunus blooming branches are available from mid-February until mid-March.  They bloom out quickly and are prolific bloomers in hot pink colors. Nice enough to share a piece of the Oregon Coast with the rest of you.   200 bunches of Pieris japonica available to ship today and tomorrow. but no cherry picking!!!!  If you want our Pieris japonica, please buy our branches too.  We get our feelings hurt when you buy the goodies from us and then the staples from our competitors. Pink & White Cherry, Pink & Yellow Magnolia, Prunus, Peach, & More. 888.815.0885 toll free phone   * ...

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Natural Wedding Arches including Chuppahs & Pergolas 3.01.18

We custom build natural wedding arches.  The most popular natural wedding arches are chuppahs & pergolas. A chuppah is used in traditional Jewish wedding and this style of arch is the most popular.  It is also the easiest arch to ship via the airlines or truck lines.  The chuppah consists of 4 upright posts and 4 cross pieces.  All the joints are natural, using log furniture tenon and mortise fittings.  They can be put up and taken down within minutes at your event.  We have rental companies that purchase these and rent them multiple times in a weekend. We...

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Blooming Pieris japonica white andromeda 2.22.18

We sell blooming Pieris japonica. Most growers sell them when they are tight and ugly–they last much longer when they are not blooming.    We sell them when they are blooming.  Some dropping of the pieris japonica buds are normal and we cannot ship these by truck as they don’t like being in a box for longer than 3 days.   They are generally available the second week of February through the end of February.  It is a short season, but the demand for these is very high. Sometimes we are able to supply pink Pieris japonica, also known as...

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Wholesale Spirea Branches our hot sellers, but no Cherry Picking!
Double Blooming Pink Cherry Branches 3.20.18
Prunus Blooming Branches 3.12.18
Natural Wedding Arches including Chuppahs & Pergolas 3.01.18
Blooming Pieris japonica white andromeda 2.22.18
White Tulip Magnolia Flowering Branches 2.12.18
White cherry blossoms 2.05.18
Salmon Quince Branches 1.29.18
Double Blooming Quince Branches 1.20.18
Peach Blossoms in January 1.12.18
Chinese New Year Forsythia & Quince 1.07.18
2018 Spring Flowering Branches Preview 1.01.18
Red Dogwood Sticks 12.17.17
Flocked Branches using Specimen Christmas Branches 12.12.17
Red Ilex Berries, Christmas Berries 11.07.17
Birch Branches 10.28.17
Fall Oak Leaves in Floral Arrangements 10.23.17
Red Dogwood Sticks 10.19.17
Green & Pink Snowberries, Farm Fresh 10.11.17
Fall Maple Red Leaves 9.28.17
Green, White, and Rosey Limelight Hydrangea 9.21.17
Burgundy Antique Hydrangea 9.18.17
Porcelain Vine with variegated leaves 9.12.17
Ninebark Diablo, black foliage specialty cut flowers 9.05.17
Green Oak Leaves in the Summer, Orange/Red Oak Leaves in the Fall 8.30.17
Tri-Color Pistacio Hydrangeas, red and green 8.24.17
Montbretia Pods 8.17.17
World Famous Antique Hydrangea in Jewel Tone Colors 8.14.17
Oregon Coastal Hydrangea Flowers in Blue, White, Purple, Lavender, Antique, & More Colors 8.10.17
Fruiting Blueberry Branches for flower arrangements 8.03.17
Hop Vine Garland 18' long 7.24.18
Montretia Lucifer Crocosmia Fresh Cut Flowers & Montbretia Pods 7.20.17
Fresh Cut Thornless Black Berry Branches 7.13.17
Bright Blue Hydrangeas 7.06.17
Long Stemmed Gloriosa Lily Flowers on a Vine 7.03.17
White Lacecap Hydrangea 6.29.17
Premier Oregon Coast Wedding Venue on the Hydrangea Ranch 6.26.17
Oregon Pride Dark Purple Hydrangea with Black Stems 6.14.17
Blueberry Branches with Fruiting Berries 6.08.17
Leprechaun Green Pistacio Hydrangeas 6.03.17
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