Oregon Coastal Flowers Farm Photos:


Oregon Coastal Flowers Farm Info:

Oregon Coastal Flowers LLC has been in business since 1996 and have grown into a major grower and supplier of premium Northwest Grown Floral Products.   Specializing in unique flowers and branches that thrive on the Oregon Coast, we focus on providing our customers around the country with the best quality and service available.

Employing many organic agriculture methods, we strive to grow our flowers naturally and in turn create great habitat for wildlife on our farm.  We are a family ran farm and emphasize good family values within our busines, providing straightforward honest dealings with our customers.  We invite you to browse our Oregon Coastal Flower’s farm photos or photos of the Oregon Coast.

Our original flagship products were calla lilies and hydrangeas, however more recently we have diversified into flowering branches, specialty forest product, natural wedding arches, and an endless amount of seasonal floral specialties.

Flowering Branches include pink & white cherry, forsythia, quince, tulip magnolia, prunus, peach, apricot, plum and more.  Forest products include premium mosses, numerous mossy branches, alder/birch poles, manzanita, to name a few.  Thornless blackberries, chinese lanterns, double-flowering quince, montbretia pods, and popcorn viburnum are only a few of our seasonal specialties.