Flowering Branches

Seasonally Available Pink & White Cherry, Quince, Forsythia, Prunus, Apricot, Peach, Plum, Tulip Magnolia, Flowering Dogwood, & More.

Flowering Branches & Blossoms:


Flowering Branches is our Specialty at Oregon Coastal Flowers

Oregon Coastal Flowers, LLC, is one of America’s premier suppliers of premium flowering branches, available seasonally in the Winter and Spring to wholesalers, florists and event designers.  These flowering branches include flowering cherry branches (pink and white blossoms), forsythia (yellow), quince (salmon), tulip magnolia (white, purple, and lavender), prunus (hot pink blossoms), apricot (white), peach (pink), plum (white), flowering dogwood (green/pink), and more.

We start shipping our flowering branches mid January into May.  Availability can vary between species and season to season.  We grade our specialty branches into tips, medium, tall, and sometimes extra tall.   Generally, tips are 2-3′ tall, mediums are 3-4′ tall,  tall branches are 5-6′, and extra tall are  6-7′.   Manzanita, quince, and sometimes tulip magnolia will be shorter than those standards.

Each bundle of flowering branches contains ten bunches.   The number of stems per bunch is determined by the size of branches and the orientation of side branches.  The number of stems can vary significantly between types of flowering branches, but the size of the finished bundle is fairly consistent, with the exception of manzanita which will have much larger bundles.

We are small enough that we can pay particular attention to the stage of the bloom, but we are large enough to be consistent.  We try to get the flowering buds to the stage that will open up nice and quick for the customer, but still be able to ship without damage to the flowering buds.  If the buds are too open they can have significant bruising or bud drop in transit.  The stage of bloom and the time required to open can vary significantly throughout the season.  If you require a specific flowering branch for an upcoming event, I suggest calling our office at 1.888.815.0885 to talk to us about which flowering branch is best for you.

Please refer to our wholesale flowering branch price list containing 2014 wholesale prices, stems per bunch, and cube rate per bundle on our flowering branch wholesale pricing page.  We will work with you with logistics to find you the best/most economical route to ship your product.  We ship FedEx and UPS daily, air cargo on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  We also ship using Direct Trucking, Prime Trucking and Armellini.  We also have a truck that delivers weekly to the LA Flower Market in which we can offer you very economical shipping.



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