gloriosa lily

We sell gloriosa lily on a vine.  They average 3 to 5 flower buds/stem.  3 stems/bch. 

Pink Snowball Viburnum

We sell pink and green snowballs in the spring.

Ninebark Foliage

We sell dark diablo ninebark as well as autumn ninebark in bud stage, flower stage, seed stage, and fresh foliage stage.

hop vine garlands

18′ Hop Vines from August through September.

Hop Vines

Available:  mid-Aug. to early Oct.

18′ vine garland

dries nicely



Available:  June to Aug.

Green berries


Viburnum Berries

Available:  Sept. to Oct.

Viburnums in flower & berries


Blueberry Branches

Available:  June to Aug.

5 stems/bch

long lasting

dried lunaria

Available:  Oct. to Dec.

Available fresh in early summer

Available cleaned or uncleaned



Gloriosa Lily on a Vine

Available:  July to Oct.

3-5 flower buds/stem

3 stems/bch



Available:  Sept. to Oct.

White, pink, & green.



Available:  July fresh, September pods

10 stems/bch

Red fresh or mature pods


Pieris japonica

Available:  Feb. to March

White, pink & red (limited)



Available:  March/April

Growers bunch

Pink snowball viburnum

Available:  April/May

Growers bunch

Spring lace viburnum

Available:  May and June

Growers bunch


popcorn viburnum

Available:  April/May

Growers bunch

green snowball

Available:  April/May

Growers bunch


Diablo Ninebark

Available:  April to September

Black diablo & autumn

Bud, flower, seed, and fresh stage


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