Wholesale Peonies for Mother’s Day

Wholesale Peonies for Mother’s Day.  Peony flowers are very popular for Mother’s Day.  We generally have a good supply that comes from our greenhouses prior to Mother’s Day.  We have pink, lavender, white, raspberry, and red.  We are known for supplying straight boxes of white peonies when there are no other white peonies to be found on the market.


“Nice enough to share a piece of the Oregon Coast with the rest of you.”
Happy Mother’s Day from Oregon Coastal Flowers.
Peony Covid-19 Mother’s Day Special
$2.00/stem for mixed boxes (burgundy, dark pink, medium pink, lavender, no white)
$3.29/stem for specific colors
1/4 box 100 stems
1/2 box 200 stems
Burgundy hellabores are available for the first time. This is a shorter variety, but the color is extremely popular.
Solomon’s Seal
First time offering Solomon’s Seal. 10 stems per bunch. Very unique flowers.
Surgical Masks
Surgical masks on hand for immediate shipment. Delivered in 3 days via fedex. KN95 out of stock for about a week.
Purchase here.
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Pink Cherry
Pink cherry is at its best right now.
Lacecap Viburnum
Pink Snowball Viburnum
Snowball Viburnum
White Cherry
Flowering Dogwood
Pussy Willow
Mood Moss
Forest Droppings
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