Surgical Masks


FDA approved single use surgical masks for non-medical use.

Oregon Coastal Flowers is using it’s flower contacts in China to source factory direct FDA approved personal protective equipment.

Available for immediate shipment out of Oregon.  Shipping using 3rd day air Fedex.

Sold in multiples of 10 masks.  50 masks per inner bag.  2,000 masks per case.  We can ship any quantity.

Quantity                             Price/each

10                                         $3.19     (add 2-3 days for this quantity)

11-49                                    $1.99     (add 2-3 days for this quantity)

50-99                                    $1.69

100-499                                $1.39

500-1,999                             $1.19

2,000+                                  $0.99

Available for immediate shipment out of Oregon.  Shipping using 3rd day air Fedex

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If you're a medical facility, i encourage you to contact us at or on my cell phone at 503.812.9190  in an effort to minimize or eliminate shipping cost or eliminate credit card processing fees.


Please allow 8-12 working days for delivery.  Orders of less than 100 masks will take 10-14 working days as they have to ship to Oregon first and then onto final destination.  Orders of 100 or more are shipped directly from China.

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