Beautiful Oregon grown white, blush, pink and red peonies, perfect for a June wedding.  Our peonies are sold in bunches of 10 stems, with 100 stems to a 1/4 box.  You may choose to purchase a box of one color or customize a box with a variety of colors.  The buds are nice and soft and will open quickly into a nice, large flower.  They are not stored for weeks at a time.   Be sure to secure your peonies early as the season is nearly over.

calla lily farm on the Oregon Coast

sustainably grown cut flowers
Nice enough to share of piece of the Oregon Coast with the rest of you.
One more week for pink, white, and blush peonies!  Order now.  Orange asclepias is flushing.  SPECIAL,Order 10 bch for $5.50/bch.
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Farm Update

Great blue heron
A recent photo of a Great Blue Heron on the Tillamook Bay. It is very difficult to get this close to one. I”ve been trying for years.


Peonies for one more week.  If you need them next week, secure them now or lose out.

lavender peonies
Lavender peonies are one of the latest blooming varietie.
blush peonies
Our Blush Peonies are very large heads. Fully double.

6.10.14 Wholesale Availability
$5.00/bundle bag charge, $3.00/bundle charge orders of 20+ bundles
CLICK HERE to view photos of the below items.
PEONIES   Field Production Pricing
Oregon Field Grown Light Pink $1.39 field pricing
Medium Pink pink/assorted
White/Blush $2.09/stem white/blush
Packed 100 stems per 1/4 box $8.00box charge – $12/half
Asclepias-Milk Maid White $6.00 white clusters of butterfly flower tall bunches
Asclepias-Tuberosa Orange



10 BCH$5.50

orange tones of butterfly flower
Centurea-Marco Polo $6.00 2″ papery copper colored “pods”   on thick green leafy stems blooming yellow tufts
Dusty Miller Flowers $6.00 lacey dusty miller heading up with dusty white stems to yellow button flowers
Eryngium-Sea Holly $6.00 green to metallic blue stems and flowers long lasting
Shasta Daisy-Double Hybrids $6.00 Fully double white with green center
Viburnum-Brandy Lace $7.50 umbels of pastel green beads, and glossy green leaves
Yarrow-Golden $6.00 large golden umbels, firm heads
Artemesia-Silver King $6.00 long lasting silver foliage sage like leaves
Sage-Gray Culinary $6.00 culinary sage variety with gray green leaves
Sage-Royal Purple $6.00 culinary sage variety with dark purple leaves
Yarrow-Cottage Mix $6.00 mixed pastels
Yarrow-Moonglow $6.00 bright yellow heads, gray foliage
Yarrow-Pomegranate Red $6.00 deep crimson red yarrow
Yarrow-Strawberry Shake $6.00 pretty soft pink cottage yarrow with green foliage
Dogwood Berries $7.50 clusters of green berries green stems with green leaves
Polygonum-Foliage $6.00 durable branching stems with green leaves w/ red tinged edges
Poppy Pods $6.00 buff colored poppy pods-on the smaller side
Viburnum-Wentworth Berries $7.50 beautiful palmate leaves & shiny green berries
Grain-Walking Oats $6.00 plumy grass with herringbone patterns
Grain-Wild Oats $6.00 long lasting green seed heads, floppy and light
Grass-Meadow Fescue $6.00 wispy plumes offer a wild yet graceful touch
Grass-Miscanthus Leaves $6.00 glossy dark green long blades of ornamental grass
Grass-Miscanthus-Ribbon $6.00 beautiful green and white striped miscanthus leaves, striking
*Shipped farm direct from partner farm
Whips Tall $6.49 $5.99
Tips $4.19 $3.66
Medium $5.24 $4.71
Tall $6.29 $5.76
Chartreusse Medium/Tall $6.49 $5.99
Grandma’s Apple Tree Mossy Branches (Lichen & Moss)
Tips $5.24 $4.71
Medium $6.29 $5.76
Tall $7.34 $6.81
Extra Fancy Vine Maple Fillagreen Mossy Branches
Tips $5.76 $5.24
Medium $6.81 $6.29
Tall $7.86 $7.34
Tips $4.99 $4.49
Medium $5.99 $5.49
Tall $6.99 $6.49
Extra Tall Call for pricing/availability
Tips $4.99 $4.49
Medium $5.99 $5.49
Tall $6.99 $6.49
Call for pricing/availability
WALKING STICK (Contorted Chestnut)
Medium (24″ to 36″) $5.50 $4.99
Natural $27.50
Sandblasted $55.00
BIRCH TUBES small diameter (3-6″) $5.25/ linear foot
large diameter (6″+) $6.30/linear foot
Ask for Tips $4.19 $3.66
BULK Medium $5.76 $5.24
discount Tall $6.81 $6.29
Extra Tall $7.86 $7.34
24″ Tips $5.24 $4.71
36″ Medium $7.34 $6.81
48″ Tall $8.91 $8.39
60″ Specimen $46.20 $40.43
72″ Specimen Plus $80.85 $69.30
84″ Specimen Ultimate $115.50 $103.95
24″ Tips $10.49 $9.44
36″ Medium $14.69 $13.64
48″ Tall $18.36 $17.31
60″ Specimen $69.30 $59.85
72″ Specimen Plus $120.75 $103.95
84″ Specimen Ultimate $173.25 $155.40
SANDBLASTED MANZANITA (2 weeks notice needed)
24″ Tips $20.99 $18.89
36″ Medium $29.39 $27.81
48″ Tall $36.74 $31.49
60″ Specimen $103.94 $90.29
72″ Specimen Plus $181.64 $157.49
84″ Specimen Ultimate $260.39 $233.09
Custom Cut Lengths & Diameter $2.89/linear foot
4-6″ wide x 2″ thick $2.62
6-8″ wide x 2″ thick $4.72
8-10″ wide x 2″ thick $6.82
10-15″ wide x 2″ thick $12.07
Gazebo call for pricing
High Gable
Free Style
Medium 14″ diameter $33.60
Large 20″ diameter $39.38
14″ Small $60.90 $55.65
18″ Medium $82.95 $77.70
24″ Large $115.50 $105.00
36″ Jumbo $157.50 $150.15
custom made, seasonal materials


My Dad’s Christmas Present:  Hand Carved Wood Signs


Hand Carved Wood Slab Sign
Hand Carved Wood Slab Sign.  I made this for my father for Christmas to put on his new barn.

pistacio hydrangea
Pistachio hydrangea. We will be marketing these next summer.



seattle flower market zcallas oregon coastal flowers
This is a recent photo of our booth in the Seattle Flower Market.


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Blush Peony



blush peony
Blush peonies are looking great!




Coming Soon (years):
Flowering Dogwood

flowering dogwood trees
Look forward to this variety of Flowering Dogwood in a couple of years. We have over 300 Flowering Dogwood trees on our property.


Pussy Willow

pussy willow branches
Only tall is remaining.


Fresh Mossy Branches

mossy branches floral trade
New season mossy branches are now shipping.


Natural Wood Pedestal

natural wood character pedestals
Ask about our natural wood products.


Forest Droppings

forest droppings specialty moss
We routinely comb the forest floor for goodies including specialty mosses, ferns, konks, driftwood, lichens, etc.


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manzanita branches wholesale
We also harvest manzanita branches.


Birch/Alder Poles

alder poles birch poles
Alder poles are our native birch. We offer poles in custom lengths/diameters. 8′ poles is our standard cut.


Walking Stick

walking stick curly chestnut
Curly Chestnut (Walking Stick)


Wood Slabs

natural organic cake platters
Wood slabs cut into custom widths & depths.


Natural Wedding Arches

We manufacture a variety of different types of wedding arches.


santa barbara style decorated wedding arch
10 foot tall chuppah embellished and decorated by Santa Barbara Style.
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