Red Ilex Red Berries, Winter Ilex, Holiday Berries.  Our ilex berries are loaded with berries.

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Flocked Pine Branches




flocked pine branches
Flocked Pine Branches are available this season and they look great.

Glittered Branches




We are using a new technique with our glittering and the results are amazing.  They look so much better.  I highly recommend the “crystallized branches.”  They have a white paint base with opaline flakes.  They are awesome.

Flocked Branches




flocked branches
Flocked Branches are now available. Try and give us as much time as possible to flock.
Click Here to view printable PDF Christmas Price List




2018 Christmas Price List — Never Before Seen Items
All Christmas Items Harvested/Made to Order & Must be ordered
14 days in advance of shipment in order to guarantee timely delivery.
CLICK HERE to view photos of the below items.
All Items packed 10 bunches / bundle unless otherwise noted.
Winter Berry
ILEX 5-30 bch 31+ bch
Tips 18″ $10.49 $9.99
Medium 24″ $11.49 $10.99
Tall 30″+ $12.49 $11.99
Premium NW Greens
5-30 bch 31+ bch
Blue Ice Cedar $6.79 $6.29
avg length is 18″
Blue Spruce $5.79 $5.29
avg length is 24″
Mountain Hemlock $5.79 $5.29
avg length is 24″
Sitka Spruce $5.79 $5.29
avg length is 24″
Specialty NW Greens
Hemlock/Spruce/ Tips With Cones Quantity
Limited Availability 5-30 bch 31+ bch
Medium 24″ $7.79 $7.29
*We’ll ship hemlock,spruce, or noble fir depending on weekly quality/availability
Pine Boughs
Tips 12-18″ $5.79 $5.29
Medium Branches 24″ $7.79 $7.29
Tall Branches 36″ $9.79 $9.29
Specimen Noble Fir Bough
3-4′ Specialty Bough $5.49 $4.99
5-6′ Specialty Bough $8.49 $7.49
Holly Branches
Tips $5.29 $4.79
Medium Branches $6.29 $5.79
Tips $6.29 $5.79
Medium Branches $7.29 $6.79
Flocked Branches, Deciduous
Specialty Flocked Branches 5-30 bch 31+ bch
Tips $9.29 $8.49
Medium $12.29 $11.49
Tall $14.29 $13.49
Extra Tall $17.29 $16.49
High Elevation Noble Fir Trees (Charlie Brown Trees)
Charlie Brown Trees 1-9 trees 10+ trees
3-4′ small $20.99 $16.99
5-6′ medium $25.99 $22.99
7-8′ large $30.99 $26.99
5 trees minimum order, we bundle together
Deciduous Specimen Branches
Tulip Magnolia (budded) 5-30 bch 31+ bch
Tips $5.99 $5.49
Medium $7.69 $7.19
Tall $8.69 $8.19
Extra Tall $9.99 $9.49
Flowering Dogwood (budded)
Tips $5.99 $5.49
Medium $7.69 $7.19
Tall $8.69 $8.19
Extra Tall $9.99 $9.49
Flocked Branches, Evergreen
Pine Boughs 5-30 bch 31+ bch
Medium Boughs $11.99 $10.99
Tall Boughs $15.99 $14.99
Noble Fir Medium Boughs
3-4′ Door Swags $8.99 $7.99
Glittered Branches 5-30 bch 31+ bch
Tips $9.29 $8.49
Medium $12.29 $11.49
Tall $14.29 $13.49
Extra Tall $17.29 $16.49
Base Color:  white, silver, gold, or plain
Glitter Color:  clear, gold, silver, mix, opaline
Our recommendations:
Crystallized Branches  white paint w/ opaline flakes
Silver Special silver paint w/ silver glitter
Gold Special gold paint w/ gold glitter
Silver Plain plain branch w/ silver glitter
Gold Plain plain branch w/ gold glitter
Painted Birch Branches 5-30 bch 31+ bch
Tips $7.29 $6.49
Medium $10.29 $9.49
Painted Vine Maple Branches
Medium $10.29 $9.49
Tall $12.29 $11.49
Color:  White, Silver, Gold
Must See Specialty Items
Noble Fir Snowflakes 5-30 bch 31+ bch
Small $5.99 $5.49
Medium $6.49 $5.99
Large $7.49 $6.99
       Full Tree of Snowflakes $6.49 $5.99
Flocked Small $9.99 $8.99
Flocked Medium $10.99 $9.99
Flocked Large $12.99 $11.99
Full Tree of Flocked Snowflakes $10.99 $9.99
Specimen Noble Fir Bough
3-4′ Specialty Bough $5.49 $4.99
5-6′ Specialty Bough $8.49 $7.99
Flocked add 75%
Snowman – 3 tier
w / Flocked Winter Branches (4′) $299
Large (6′) $359


Budded Tulip Magnolia

budded tulip magnolia
Tulip Magnolia in the budded stage looks like reindeer horns.  These make great fall/winter branches for sale.


Ilex Winter Berries

ilex winter branches
Ilex winter branches are loaded with berries this  year.


Glittered Branches

glittered branches
White painted branches with opaline flakes. Check out our glitter options as well as painted branches. These are NEW.


Evergreen with Cones

spruce branches
Spruce branches with cones are available once again after a one year deparature.


Silver Tipped Flowering Dogwood

flowering dogwood, budded stage
Silver tipped flowering dogwood in budded stage perfect for winter/holiday sales.


Mossy Branches


mossy branches
Mossy branches are dripping in moss.  See Fall Availability now.
Family Update


flocked branches
Behind every flocking operation is a skilled flocker.
Varigated Holly Branches


varigated holly
Varigated Holly Branches


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888.815.0885 toll free phone   *  1.503.815.9326 fax
9455 Kilchis River Rd., Tillamook, Oregon 97141   *