Wholesale Fresh Cut Peonies

We specialize in white peonies, but we also grow blush, pink, raspberry red, and coral charm peony flowers.

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Wholesale Peonies

Peonies have grown into a major crop for us.  We cover  a certain percentage of our peony crop under a greenhouse so that we can have them in bloom for Mother’s Day.  We specialize in white peonies, but we also grow blush, yellow, pink, raspberry red, bi-color, and coral charm.  White peonies are very popular for weddings.

Our covered peony crop starts about ten days prior to Mother’s Day on a good year, sometimes later on a cool season.  Our outside crop of peonies will begin to bloom about two weeks after Mother’s Day.  Sometimes there is a lag in production between our inside crop and outside crop.  We do not like to take orders too early for peonies because each peony season is different and we don’t always know when we each color of peony will  be blooming for your event.

We ship using fedex, air cargo and truck.  There are 100 stems of peonies per 1/4 box and 200 stems per 1/2 box.  Please call us today at 1.888.815.0885 for our latest price list or send us an e-mail anytime.  Subscribe to our newletter to stay up to date with our peony availability.

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