Oregon Pride Hydrandeas.

Oregon pride hydrangeas add a unique flair to an elegant summer wedding.

With purple flowers and black stems, Oregon pride hydrangeas add a unique flair to an elegant summer wedding.  Sold by the stem.

calla lily farm on the Oregon Coast

sustainably grown cut flowers


Nice enough to share of piece of the Oregon Coast with the rest of you.


Hydrangeas for $0.99/stem, Specialty Hydrangeas, Gloriosa Lilies, Montbretia

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Big Foot Shot & Killed (finally) at Oregon Coastal Flowers

big foot
This is a grizzly bear was shot in Alaska by my brother’s good friend Jon Watson.  That’s a Big Bear!
Oregon Coastal Flowers

Coastal Hydrangeas

pistacio hydrangea
We are especially proud of this new variety tri-color Pistacio.  See more photos of our hydrangeas on our website at:  http://oregoncoastalflowers.com/hydrangeas/

double lavender hydrangeas
Double Lavender Hydrangeas are now shipping. $2.00/stem

blue hydrangea
We have a lot of blue hydrangeas.

lavender hydrangea
Lavender Hydrangea

purple hydrangeas
Oregon Pride Hydrangeas. Purple flowers with black stems.

white hydrangea
White Hydrangeas

purple hydrangea
Purple Hydrangeas are just now starting to bloom.

Oregon Coastal Flowers LLC

oregon coastal flowers
Oregon Coastal Flowers LLC

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Gloriosa Lily


gloriosa lily
Gloriosa Lilies are now shipping. 3-5 flower buds/vine.


Family Update


hydrangea ranch daughter Nina
Our daughter Nina in the Hydrangea Ranch.


Wedding Arches


chuppah decorated
Chuppah built by Oregon Coastal Flowers & Designed by Larrisa Rehder of Inviting Occasions.

Find out more by visiting our wedding arch page on our website.




Montbretia are now shipping. 4’+ tall.


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Mossy Branches


mossy branches
Mossy Branch season is upon us.


Natural Wood Arches

custom built chuppah
Chuppahs are our best selling arch. Call for custom pricing.


Birch Sticks


birch sticks
Birch sticks, fenches, blinds, etc.





manzanita branches wholesale
We also harvest manzanita branches.



Birch/Alder Poles


alder poles birch poles
Alder poles are our native birch. We offer poles in custom lengths/diameters. 8′ poles is our standard cut.



Walking Stick


walking stick curly chestnut
Curly Chestnut (Walking Stick)



Wood Slabs


natural organic cake platters
Wood slabs cut into custom widths & depths.


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888.815.0885 toll free phone   *  1.503.815.9326 fax
9455 Kilchis River Rd., Tillamook, Oregon 97141
www.calla-lily.com   *   sales@callalilyflower.com