Fresh Hop Vine Garland

Hop vine garland, fresh, green, loaded with hops. Each vine is an individual 18′ garland. Shipped fresh, it can be used as a fresh decoration or dried and used later.

sustainably grown cut flowers


Nice enough to share of piece of the Oregon Coast with the rest of you.


Hydrangeas:  Pee Gee, Limelight, World Famous Antique, Antique Doubles, Pistacio, etc.

Hops and Montbretia Pods now shipping.

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Farm Update

go team usa corn maze
Go Team USA corn maze _ Oregon Coastal Flowers


Limelight & Pee Gee Hydrangeas


limelight hydrangea
Limelight hyrangeas are looking more antique now with pinkish tones and more white in color with less green.


Hydrangea Ranch

antique hydrangea
World Famous Antique Hydrangea are looking good.


Gloriosa Lilies


gloriosa lilies
Where else can you buy Gloriosa Lilies on a vine_ American Grown here.  They average 16-18″ tall.  3 vines per bunch.  3-5 flowers per vine.


Natural Wedding Arches

gazebo natural wedding arch
The latest Gazebo styled natural wedding arch created here at Oregon Coastal Flowers.

8.23.16 Oregon Coastal Flowers Availability
$5.00/bundle bag charge, $3.00/bundle charge orders of 20+ bundles
CLICK HERE to view photos of the below items.
1 bundle 3 bundle
price/bch price/bch
Premium Coastal Hydrangeas
Blue Antique (blue/green/muted) Box Size Stem Price
Lavender Antique Full – 170 st $1.29
World Famous Antique 1/2 – 80 st $1.39
Pee Gee 1/4 – 40 st $1.49
Specialty Hydrangeas
Double Antique double flowers $2.00
Lacecap Lavender double lacecap lavender $7.49/bch
Pistacio tri-color hyd small heads $2.00
Pistacio Red Antique red pistacio small heads $2.00
  dark blue hyd large heads $1.49
Limelight light green $1.49
  purple w/ black stems $1.49
*Prices can change any given week due to supply
18′ vine, fills full flower box $69.99
2 vines/box $119.99
Small Box 10bch $8.25/bch
1/4 Box 20bch $7.15/bch
NINEBARK $6.99 $6.49
36″ black leaves, 10 stems/bch
MONTBRETIA PODS $6.99/bch $6.49/bch
      48″ bundled & bagged
Ammobium $6.50 white, everlasting flwoers
Asclepias – Silky Orange/Gold $6.50 cluster of golden yellow or orange butterfly flower
Asclepias – Tuberosa Orange $6.50 orange tones of butterfly flower – short
Celosia – Coxcomb Rose $6.50 rose coxcomb with gren leaves
Celosia – Plumes 4 Colors $6.50 Orange, Salmon, Carmine, or Golden
Echinacea Purpurea – Cones $7.50 bright orange spiney center of flower, no petals
Gomphrena $6.50 pink with cream tip, hot pink, perfect purple globes
Heptocodium – White flowering $7.50 green buds opening to small white flowers
Rudbeckia – Sputnik $6.50 bi-colored flowers with dark brown centers
Safflower – Orange, yellow, white $6.50 orange, yellow, or white long lasting, dries well
Sedum $6.50 Assorted Colors
Statice Sinuata $6.50 Apricot Shades
Strawflowers $6.50 many colors, single color bunches
Vitex – Chaste Tree $6.50 porcelain pink and blue spikes, green foliage
Yarrow – Cottage Mix $6.50 mixed pastels
Basil – Assorted $6.50 Purple, variegated, lemon, licorice
Cryptomeria – Lemon Lime $7.50 lime green-yellow fine, soft cedar foliage
Geranium – Scented $6.50 6 varieties
Mint – Short $6.50 spearming and pineapple variegated
Rosemary $6.50 upright, edible, long lasting
Sage – Green $6.50 culinary sage wit green leaves
Cotinus – Lemon Lime $9.00 lemon lime colored small rounded leaves
Dusty Miller – Broad Leaf $6.50 broad rounded silver foliage
Dusty Miller – Lacey Leaf $6.50 lacey leafed silver foliage
Hypericum – Tear Drops $6.50 tear-shaped hypericum berries
Weigelia – Chocolate $7.50 dark purple – brown foliage
Wiegelia – Variegated Foliage $7.50 beautiful variegated foliage
*Shipped farm direct from partner farm
Grandma’s Apple Tree Mossy Branches (Lichen & Moss)
Tips $5.49 $4.95
Medium $6.59 $6.05
Tall $7.69 $7.16
Extra Fancy Vine Maple Fillagreen Mossy Branches
Tips $5.99 $5.49
Medium $7.16 $6.59
Tall $8.26 $7.69
Tips $5.49 $4.95
Medium $6.59 $6.05
Tall $7.69 $7.16
Medium $7.90 $7.49
Tips $5.99 $5.49
Medium $7.16 $6.59
Tall $8.26 $7.69
WALKING STICK (Contorted Chestnut)
Medium (24″ to 36″) $5.75 $5.23
CURLY WILLOW 5+bundles
Tips $3.59 $2.99
new Medium $4.59 $3.86
pricing Tall $4.99 $4.49
Extra Tall $7.99 $7.29
small diameter (3-6″)    $5.49/linear foot
large diameter (6″+)    $6.59/linear foot
24″ Tips $5.24 $4.71
36″ Medium $7.34 $6.81
48″ Tall $8.91 $8.39
60″ Specimen $46.20 $40.43
72″ Specimen Plus $80.85 $69.30
84″ Specimen Ultimate $115.50 $103.95
24″ Tips $10.49 $9.44
36″ Medium $14.69 $13.64
48″ Tall $18.36 $17.31
60″ Specimen $69.30 $59.85
72″ Specimen Plus $120.75 $103.95
84″ Specimen Ultimate $173.25 $155.40
SANDBLASTED MANZANITA (2 weeks notice needed)
24″ Tips $20.99 $18.89
36″ Medium $29.39 $27.81
48″ Tall $36.74 $31.49
60″ Specimen $103.94 $90.29
72″ Specimen Plus $181.64 $157.49
84″ Specimen Ultimate $260.39 $233.09
Custom Cut Lengths & Diameter
2-4″ avg diameter $2.99/linear foot
4-6″ wide x 2″ thick $2.75
6-8″ wide x 2″ thick $4.99
8-10″ wide x 2″ thick $7.16
10-15″ wide x 2″ thick $12.67
High Gable
Free Style


Oregon Coast


oregon coast
The Oregon Coast is our home_


Our Farm

hydrangea fields
We have six acres of Hydrangeas in full bloom.



hop vines
Hops are now shipping.
Montbretia Pods

montbretia pods
Montbretia Pods are now available.

ninebark black leaves
Ninebark is now shipping. 10 stems_bch_ black leaves.


Hydrangea Update

world famous antique hydrangeas
Our World Famous Antique Hydrangeas now shipping.

antique double hydrangea
Antique double hydrangeas are amazing.


pistacio tri color hydrangea
Tri-colored Pistacio Hydrangea.



antique pistacio hydrangea
Mature pistacio hydrangeas turn reddish.


Walking Stick


walking stick
We now have a fresh supply of Walking Stick.


Birch Branches


birch branches
Birch branches are always popular in late summer.


Fresh Mossy Branches


mossy branches floral trade
New season mossy branches are now shipping.


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Mossy Branches


mossy branches
Mossy Branch season is upon us.


Natural Wood Arches

custom built chuppah
Chuppahs are our best selling arch. Call for custom pricing.


Birch Sticks


birch sticks
Birch sticks, fenches, blinds, etc.





manzanita branches wholesale
We also harvest manzanita branches.



Birch/Alder Poles


alder poles birch poles
Alder poles are our native birch. We offer poles in custom lengths/diameters. 8′ poles is our standard cut.



Walking Stick


walking stick curly chestnut
Curly Chestnut (Walking Stick)



Wood Slabs


natural organic cake platters
Wood slabs cut into custom widths & depths.


Blooming Forsythia Branches
Flowering Tulip Magnolia Branches
Budded Tulip Magnolia



888.815.0885 toll free phone   *  1.503.815.9326 fax
9455 Kilchis River Rd., Tillamook, Oregon 97141   *