Yellow Flowering Forsythia Branches

Blooming forsythia branches with beautiful yellow flowers.  Abundant yellow flowers load each stem.  Perfect for the Lunar New Year or to add color to a late winter arrangement.  Sold by the ten bunch bundle in three sizes, tips, medium, or tall.  Shipped FedEx, air cargo, or by truck.

calla lily farm on the Oregon Coast

sustainably grown cut flowers


Nice enough to share of piece of the Oregon Coast with the rest of you.


Chinese New Year:  This week shipping forsythia, quince, tulip magnoli, & pussy willow.  Pink & white cherry in about 2 weeks.  Order now to ensure availability.
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Cape Meares Light House

cape meares lighthouse
The Cape Meares Lighthouse. I took this photo last month on a clear night.  I am organizing a marathon relay that extends from Cape Meares to Pacific City. See  It is a fundraiser for the cross country and track team at Tillamook High School (I’m the coach).  If you are a runner and would like to participate in this epic adventure, give us a call and you can run for 25% off.

A herd of Elk stampeding through a cow pasture.

Sea of Elk
Last week my wife caught this herd of elk running through the local cow pastures.  This is just one mile from our farm.

Tulip Magnolia

magnolia along the river
We will start harvesting these White Magnolias next spring. this photo is from last spring. They are lined up along the Kilchis River. What a beautiful place we live in.



peach blossoms
Peach blossoms. Sold Out this week.

Oregon Coastal Flowers 1/7/16
Order early to ensure availability
minimum order of each item: 1 bundle (10 bunches)
minimum order for each order: 3 bundles
$5.00/bundle bag charge, $3.00/bundle charge orders of 20+ bundles
CLICK HERE to view photos of the below items.
1 bundle 3 bundle
price/bch price/bch
Tips – sold out $5.19 $4.69
Medium $6.79 $6.29
Tall $8.76 $8.19
PEACH (Pink)
Medium – sold out $5.95 $5.69
Tall – this week $6.95 $6.69
QUINCE (Salmon Pink/White)
Tips $6.59 $6.05
Medium $7.69 $7.16
Tall $8.79 $8.26
Tips $5.99 $5.49
Medium $7.69 $7.16
Tall $8.79 $8.26
Extra Tall $9.89 $9.36
limited availability
Wild Medium $5.76 $5.24
Tall $6.79 $6.29
Tips $4.39 $3.85
Medium $5.49 $4.95
Tall $6.59 $6.05
Grandma’s Apple Tree Mossy Branches (Lichen & Moss)
Tips $5.49 $4.95
Medium $6.59 $6.05
Tall $7.69 $7.16
Tips $5.49 $4.95
Medium $6.59 $6.05
Tall $7.69 $7.16
Medium $7.90 $7.49
10′ $9.99 $9.49
CURLY WILLOW 5+bundles
Tips $3.59 $2.99
new Medium $4.59 $3.86
pricing Tall $4.99 $4.49
Extra Tall $7.99 $7.29
small diameter (3-6″)    $5.49/linear foot
large diameter (6″+)    $6.59/linear foot
24″ Tips $5.24 $4.71
36″ Medium $7.34 $6.81
48″ Tall $8.91 $8.39
60″ Specimen $46.20 $40.43
72″ Specimen Plus $80.85 $69.30
84″ Specimen Ultimate $115.50 $103.95
24″ Tips $10.49 $9.44
36″ Medium $14.69 $13.64
48″ Tall $18.36 $17.31
60″ Specimen $69.30 $59.85
72″ Specimen Plus $120.75 $103.95
84″ Specimen Ultimate $173.25 $155.40
SANDBLASTED MANZANITA (2 weeks notice needed)
24″ Tips $20.99 $18.89
36″ Medium $29.39 $27.81
48″ Tall $36.74 $31.49
60″ Specimen $103.94 $90.29
72″ Specimen Plus $181.64 $157.49
84″ Specimen Ultimate $260.39 $233.09
Custom Cut Lengths & Diameter
2-4″ avg diameter $2.99/linear foot
4-6″ wide x 2″ thick $2.75
6-8″ wide x 2″ thick $4.99
8-10″ wide x 2″ thick $7.16
10-15″ wide x 2″ thick $12.67
Chuppah $385
Pergola $385



salmon quince for sale wholesale
This was a great shot I took of salmon quince last year.


Tulip Magnolia


tulip magnolia in bloom
My wife’s honeybees enjoyed he early season nectar when we forced some tulip magnolia fully open.


LA Market Photos


Oregon Coastal Flowers at the Los Angeles Flower Market.
This photo was taken last summer at the LA Flower Market.


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Family Update


Our beautiful daughter Nina with her newborn calf Independence _born on the 4th of July_




forsythia wholesale flowers
Now shipping forsythia. Just starting to crack.


forsythia prior to shipment
This is a medium bundle of forsythia prior to shipment. They force open quickly and easily.




quince branches chinese new year
Quince has a lot of blooms this year!


Pussy Willow


pussy willow branches
Pussy Willow is now shipping.  We are manually removing the shells from the pussy willow buds.


Red Dogwood


red twig dogwood hand stripped
Red dogwood sticks.


Fresh Mossy Branches


mossy branches floral trade
New season mossy branches are now shipping.


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Mossy Branches


mossy branches
Mossy Branch season is upon us.


Natural Wood Arches

custom built chuppah
Chuppahs are our best selling arch. Call for custom pricing.


Birch Sticks


birch sticks
Birch sticks, fenches, blinds, etc.





manzanita branches wholesale
We also harvest manzanita branches.



Birch/Alder Poles


alder poles birch poles
Alder poles are our native birch. We offer poles in custom lengths/diameters. 8′ poles is our standard cut.



Walking Stick


walking stick curly chestnut
Curly Chestnut (Walking Stick)



Wood Slabs


natural organic cake platters
Wood slabs cut into custom widths & depths.


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