Gloriosa Lily flowers sold on the vine

Oregon Coastal Flowers is a supplier of premium glorisa lily flowers on the vine.  Each stem has 3-5 flower buds.  Each bunch had 3 vines, so there are 9-15 flowers per bunch.

calla lily farm on the Oregon Coast

sustainably grown cut flowers


Nice enough to share of piece of the Oregon Coast with the rest of you.


Hydrangeas for $0.99/stem, Specialty Hydrangeas, Gloriosa Lilies, Montbretia

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Hunting for Eggs

nina with chickens
After last week’s controversial photo, I’m toning it down a bit with a recent photo of our daughter Nina gathering eggs.
Coastal Hydrangeas

dark blue hydrangea
Dark blue hydrangeas anyone?

pistacio red or green
Pistacio hydrangea.

double lavender hydrangeas
Double Lavender Hydrangeas are now shipping. $2.00/stem

Lavender Hydrangea.

oregon pride hydrangea
OR Pride is a top selling hydrangeas. Deep purple blooms with black stems.

white hydrangea
White hydrangeas are hit and miss, but this year they are a HIT.

purple hydrangea
Purple hydrangeas for $0.99/stem when buying a full box.

7.07.15 Oregon Coastal Flowers LLC
$5.00/bundle bag charge, $3.00/bundle charge orders of 20+ bundles
CLICK HERE to view photos of the below items.
Premium Coastal Hydrangeas
Blue Box Size Stem Price
Lavender Full – 170 st $0.99
Purple 1/2 – 80 st $1.19
Lacecap Blue 1/4 – 40 st $1.39
Specialty Hydrangeas
Double Lavender double flowers $2.00
Pistacio tri-color hyd $2.00
Red fully mature red pistacio $2.00
Dark Blue $1.49
Oregon Pride purple w/ black stems $1.49
*Prices can change any given week due to supply
Small Box 10bch $8.25/bch
1/4 Box 20bch $7.15/bch
3 vines/bunch, 3-5 flower buds/vine
MONTBRETIA — Lucifer, minimum 4′ tall
10 stems/bch $6.89/bch $6.29/bch
Amaranth – Green Thumb $6.00 green upright chenille spikes with leaves
Amaranth – Red Spike $6.00 burgundy red spikes dark stems
Ageratum – Blue $6.00 clusters of tufted blue flowers
Ammobium $6.00 bunch of a beautiful white everlasting flower
Bachelors Buttons $6.00 blue, pink, and purple double disks
Dahlia $6.50 assorted colors
Echinacea Flowers – Hot Pink $6.00 neon pink petals orange cone center
Echinacea Purpurea – Cones $7.00 bright orange spiney center of echinacea flower no petals
Echinops – Blue Glow $6.00 steely blue globes on branching stems
Eryngium – Sea Holly Green $6.00 green maybe turning metallic blue stems and flowers
Eupatorium – Joe pye Weed $6.00 large heads of many pink flowers
Gladiolus – Lots of Colors $8.50 nice large and border gladiolus
Gypsophilia $6.00 tiny single white flowering very airy, baby’s breath
Heliopsis $6.00 imagine a golden zinnia atop a very skinny sunflower stem
Larkspur $6.00 32-36″ stems, 10+ stems pink and lilac
Latifolia – Limonium $6.00 nice big fresh bunches
Physogegia – White $6.00 obedient plant – white flowers on spikes
Saponaria – Pink $6.00 Perfect pink small flowers
Saponaria – White $6.00 pure white small single flower
Scabiosa – Fama Blue $7.00 pin cushion, periwinkle blue, strong stems
Scabiosa – Fama White $7.00 pin cushion, white, strong stems
Snapdragons $6.00 many colors regular and madam butterfly
Yarrow – Cottage Mix $6.00 mixed pastels, some red
Yarrow – Golden $6.00 large golden umbels, firm heads
Yarrow – Red Shades $6.00 red shades of cottage yarrow, green foliage
Yarrow – Rose Shades $6.00 rosy pink shades of cottage yarrow
Yarrow – Terra Cotta $6.00 terra cotta orange heads, sage green foliage
Lavender – Grosso $6.00 dark blue long spike on a long stem
Lemon Balm – Flowering $6.00 Fragrant green lemon balm with flowering spikes
Mints – Assorted $6.00 3 different varieties of green mints, 1 variegated
Mountain Mint $6.00 minty fragrance, dusty-pinkish green heads
Oregano – Bristol Cross $6.00 dark pink calyxes
Oregano – Santa Cruz $6.00 lots of green blushing rose calyxes
Oregano – Purple $6.00 pink flowers emerge from purple calx cluster
Sage – Gray Green $6.00 culinary sage variety with gray green leaves
Artemesia – Silver Queen $6.00 long lasting silver foliage sage like leaves
Artemesia – Silver King $6.00 long lasting silver foliage and flowering spike
Dusty Miller Broad Leaf $6.00 broad rounded silver foliage
Dusty Miller Lacy Leaf $6.00 lacey leafed silver foliage
Nigella Pods – Burgundy $6.00 all burgundy pods
Nigella Pods – Striped $6.00 striped green and burgundy pods
Polygonum – Firetail $6.00 dark green spade shaped leaves
Viburnum – Opulus $8.00 juicy shiny green/hazel berries w/green leaves
Viburnum – green Pearl $8.00 umbels of green berries w/green viburnum leaves
*Shipped farm direct from partner farm
Tips $4.99 $4.49
Medium $5.99 $5.49
Tall $6.99 $6.49
Tips $5.24 $4.71
fresh Medium $6.29 $5.76
product Tall $7.34 $6.81
new Medium $7.90 $7.49
Tips $5.76 $5.24
Medium $6.81 $6.29
Tall 7.8645 7.3395
Tips $4.99 $4.49
Medium $5.99 $5.49
Tall $6.99 $6.49
WALKING STICK (Contorted Chestnut)
Medium (24″ to 36″) $5.50 $4.99
BIRCH TUBES small diameter (3-6″) $5.25/ linear foot
large diameter (6″+) $6.30/linear foot
CURLY WILLOW 5+bundles
Tips $3.40 $2.90
new Medium $4.40 $3.70
pricing Tall $4.80 $4.30
Extra Tall $7.86 $6.99
24″ Tips $5.24 $4.71
36″ Medium $7.34 $6.81
48″ Tall $8.91 $8.39
60″ Specimen $46.20 $40.43
72″ Specimen Plus $80.85 $69.30
84″ Specimen Ultimate $115.50 $103.95
24″ Tips $10.49 $9.44
36″ Medium $14.69 $13.64
48″ Tall $18.36 $17.31
60″ Specimen $69.30 $59.85
72″ Specimen Plus $120.75 $103.95
84″ Specimen Ultimate $173.25 $155.40
SANDBLASTED MANZANITA (2 weeks notice needed)
24″ Tips $20.99 $18.89
36″ Medium $29.39 $27.81
48″ Tall $36.74 $31.49
60″ Specimen $103.94 $90.29
72″ Specimen Plus $181.64 $157.49
84″ Specimen Ultimate $260.39 $233.09
Custom Cut Lengths & Diameter $2.89/linear foot
4-6″ wide x 2″ thick $2.62
6-8″ wide x 2″ thick $4.72
8-10″ wide x 2″ thick $6.82
10-15″ wide x 2″ thick $12.07
Gazebo call for pricing
High Gable
Free Style
14″ Small $60.90 $55.65
18″ Medium $82.95 $77.70
24″ Large $115.50 $105.00
36″ Jumbo $157.50 $150.15


Oregon Coastal Flowers LLC

oregon coastal flowers
Oregon Coastal Flowers LLC

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gloriosa lily
Gloriosa Lilies are now shipping. 3-5 flower buds/vine.


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Montbretia are now shipping. 4’+ tall.


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