Oregon's Best Specialty Cut Flowers

A unique mix of the Northwest's most diverse floral products.

Oregon’s Best Specialty Cut Flowers:

Oregon’s Best Specialty Cut Flowers:

Wholesale Cut Flowers – This is a representative list of which specialty cut flowers we sold in 2013, but not 100% complete.

Amaranth-Autumn Pallet Grass-Miscanthus Plumes Phlomis Samia
Amaranth-Greenthumb Grass-Miscanthus-Banded Polygonum Foliage
Amaranth-Mocha Spike Grass-Miscanthus-Purple Marabou Popcorn Viburnum
Amaranth-Scarlet Torch Grass-Red Jewel Grass Poppy Pods
Angelica Green Chinese Lantern Porcelain Vine
Angelica Leaves Hebe-Mini Boxwoood Blue Purple Majesty Millet black
Artemesia Capillaris Helenium yellow and red Queen Ann’s Lace-Wild
Artemesia Silver King Heliopsis Red Jewel Grass
Artemesia Silver Queen Heptocodium-Rosey Red Rosehips-Rubrifolia with Hips
Asclepia, Pink Hop Garland Rosemary
Asclepias Orange Hypericum Berries Salt Shrub
Asclepias Pods Juniper with Berries Scented Geranium
Asclepias, White Korean Spice Bush-Viburnum Sedum
Asclepias-Silky Gold Lamb’s Ears Snapdragons
Asclepias-Silky Red Latifolia-Limonium Snowball Viburnum
Asclepias-Tuberosa short Lavender Snowberries, White, Pink, Green
Bearded Iris Lavender Anna Louisa Specialty Cut Hydrangeas
Bells of Ireland Lepidium Spirea
Caryopteris Lilac Spirea Foliage
Catmint Linum Pods Spirea Snowmound Medium
Centaurea Marco Polo Lunaria Green Strawflowers
Colored Calla Lilies Lunaria Purple Thornless Blackberries
Cotinus-Lemon Lime Lysimachia Yellow Verbena
Dusty Miller Mint-Peppermint Viburnum Berries Blue
Echinops Mint-Pineapple Mint Viburnum Berries-Brandy Wine
Eryngium Sea Holly Montbretia Lucifer Viburnum Blue Muffin
Eucalyptus-Baby Blue Montbretia Pods Viburnum-Berries-Cardinal Candy
Eucalyptus-Kira Supreme Mountain Mint Viburnum-Blue Muffin
Eucalyptus-Olive Leaf Nandina-Heavenly Bamboo Viburnum-Green Pearl
Eupatorium-Chocolate Nigella Pods Viburnum-Michael Dodge
Eupatorium-Joe Pye Weed Nigella Pods-striped pods Viburnum-Opulus
Euphorbia Fire Glow Nine Bark-Purple-Diablo Viburnum-Wentworth
Filipendula green pods Nine Bark-Red-Coppertina Vitex-Chaste Tree
Foxtail Grass Green Orange Asclepias Weigelia-Chocolate
Geranium-Scented Orange Chinese Lantern Weigelia-Variegated Foliage
Gladiolus Oregano-Herrenhausen Yarrow Cottage Mix
Gladiolus lots of colors Oregano-Sparhawk Red Yarrow Golden
Gloriosa Lilies Oregon Myrtle with Fruit Yarrow Strawberry Shake
Grain-Old Granddad Millet Panicum Prairie Broom Tall Yarrow-Pomegrante Red
Grain-Sorghum Black Parrotia-Fall Foliage Yarrow-Strawberry Shake
Grass-Chasmanthium Peonies Zinnia-Benary’s Giant Lime
Grass-Foxtail Grass Peppers-Black -Cone on top Zinnia-Cut & Come Again
Grass-Frosted Explosion Short Phlomis Pods Zinnia-Double Cherry

Wholesale Cut Flowers

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