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7.16.18 Vivid, Dark Purple Hydrangea Weddings
7.10.18 Gloriosa Lily Long Stem Vine Flowers
6.26.19 Montbretia Pods
2019 Kilchis River Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze
Blueberry Branches Ornamental Floral Use 6.15.18
Fresh Blueberry Branches Floral Trade 6.11.18
Viburnum Spring Lace specialty flowers from Oregon 5.30.18
Coral Charm Peonies 5.14.18
Premium Peony Wholesale Flowers for Mother's Day 5.06.18
Pink Snowball Viburnum 4.30.18
Popcorn Viburnum & other Specialty Viburnum Flower Wholesale 4.23.18
Last chance for Double Pink Cherry 4.13.18
Mossy Branches Wholesale Floral Trade 4.08.18
Shed Antlers in Floral Use 4.03.18
Flowering Dogwood Flowering Branches 3.25.18
Oregon Coastal Flowers Photo of the Year for 2018.
2018 Kilchis River Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze
Wholesale Spirea Branches are hot sellers, but no Cherry Picking!
Double Blooming Pink Cherry Branches 3.20.18
Prunus Blooming Branches 3.12.18
Natural Wedding Arches including Chuppahs & Pergolas 3.01.18
Blooming Pieris japonica white andromeda 2.22.18
White Tulip Magnolia Flowering Branches 2.12.18
White cherry blossoms 2.05.18
Salmon Quince Branches 1.29.18
Double Blooming Quince Branches 1.20.18
Peach Blossoms in January 1.12.18
Chinese New Year Forsythia & Quince 1.07.18
2018 Spring Flowering Branches Preview 1.01.18
Red Dogwood Sticks 12.17.17
Flocked Branches using Specimen Christmas Branches 12.12.17
Red Ilex Berries, Christmas Berries 11.07.17
Birch Branches 10.28.17
Fall Oak Leaves in Floral Arrangements 10.23.17
Red Dogwood Sticks 10.19.17
Green & Pink Snowberries, Farm Fresh 10.11.17
Fall Maple Red Leaves 9.28.17
Green, White, and Rosey Limelight Hydrangea 9.21.17
Burgundy Antique Hydrangea 9.18.17
Porcelain Vine with variegated leaves 9.12.17
Oregon Coastal Flowers

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