Jumbo Sized Gloriosa Lily Bulbs


3-10 bulbs $6.89 each
11-50 bulbs $6.75 each
51-200 bulbs $6.49 each
201 bulbs $6.19 each

*Minimum order 3 bulbs

Jumbo Sized Gloriosa Lily Bulbs

Flame Lily

Climbing Lily

Jumbo Sized Double Leg Tuber.

Normally gloriosa lily bulbs are sold as a single leg 3-4″ tuber.  These tubers are jumbo sized and sold as complete double leg tubers.  These large tubers will product 4-6′ vines the first year with multiple tendrils and lots of flowers.

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A climbing tuberous perennial that uses tendrils at the ends of its leaves to climb surrounding plants or structures.  Gloriosa tubers are hardy to zone 8 if unprotected.  In colder zones, use as patio plant or lift and store for winter.  Good drainage in the winter is the key to perennial growth.  Tubers should be planted horizontally 2-3” below the soil surface.  Plants bloom mid summer through fall and mature tubers can climb as high as 6’.  Plant in sun or partial shade.  Plants require a structure to climb on.  Store tubers in dry, dark place until planting.

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Product Category:  Gloriosa Lily Bulbs

Flowering Season:  Nearly all summer long

Flower Height:  3′ to  6′ tall vine

Ship Date:  Mid March through June

Growing Requirements:  Lots of sun and well draining soil

Hardiness Zones with no extra protection:  8 to 10

Hardiness Zones with extra protection (mulch, planted by structure, well-draining soil):  7 to 10

Hardiness Zones as patio plant or lifting tubers in fall:  All

Special Requirements:  Do best in hot, humid areas

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

"Standard 3" single leg tuber" "Jumbo double leg tuber"

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