Our World Famous Antique Hydrangea

Giant, jewel toned antique hydrangeas from August through September.

Antique Wedding Hydrangeas

Antique wedding hydrangeas

We are World Famous for our antique hydrangeas–at least we consider ourselves to be.  Our antique hydrangeas in our opinion is one of the highest quality, most unique products that we offer.  The hydrangea blooms are gigantic in size and the heads are vivid jewel toned antique hydrangeas.  They start mid-August and we call them “soft antique” and they change colors each week.  The deepest colors come in late September.  This is one product that gets better with age, spending nearly four months on the plant prior to harvest.  At this stage they also dry quite nicely.

Hydrangeas is our specialty at Oregon Coastal Flowers. Because of our mild climate on the Oregon Coast, our hydrangea blooms are bigger in size and more vivid in color.  Warmer summer temperatures seem to wash out the color of hydrangeas.  But on the Oregon Coast, our colors are brilliant blue, purple, lavender, antique, green, limelight, etc.  Our hydrangeas generally start blooming sometime around the middle of June and extent until the first of October.  However, sometimes it can earlier/later depending on the winter and spring.

We pack in several sizes of boxes.  Mostly we ship using our 1/4, 1/2, and full flower boxes. There are 40 stems in the 1/4 box, 75-80 stems in the 1/2 box and 150-160 stems in the full box.  Hydrangeas on our farm are bunched 5 stems per bunch.  We ship using air cargo or fedex.  Our varieties of hydrangea are not as durable as the hydrangeas from South America and do not like to be in a box for more than 2-3 days.  Hydrangeas from South American can be stored in a box for 1-2 weeks, but ours do not like that.  Under normal circustances, though, we have very few problems with our hydrangeas in shipping, re hydration, and use.  But please don’t plan on storing them in a box.

You can see more about all our hydrangea wedding flower colors here.

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