Wholesale Shipment Forsythia Chinese New Year Flowering Branches


Shipment includes 3 bundles (30 bunches) of forsythia (120-180 stems depending on how branchy they are) to have shipped to you for the Chinese New Year Holiday.  They will be between 36-48″ tall.  They will not be in flower upon arrival, you will need to keep in warm room for flowers to open within 2-7 days.  Upon arrival cut stems and put in clean water.  If you want to slow them down (don’t want them to flower right away), keep them in a cool/cold spot.

Shipping options & cost:

Local pickup, $0

Oregon shipping, $19.99

Washington & CA shipping, $34.99, $44,99 for quantity of 2 or more.

All other states shipping, $45.99 (sorry, it’s very expensive….), $55.99 for quantity of 2 or more.



Flowers should comfortably last 5-7 days with appropriate care.  Please cut flower stems upon arrival and put in clean water in a vase.  Regularly "grooming" the flowers will add vase life (pick off dead/unsightly buds, allowing the further development of other blooms.

Explanation of shipping cost.  Fedex express shipping cost is always significant.  Frequently the price is hidden in the cost of the product.  In this case, i wanted local people the ability to pick up their product locally and not be penalized with a hidden shipping price in the product.  Therefore they may seem high to  you--and they are--but actual rates will in fact exceed these rates for retail deliveries.

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