5 Pieces (bulk) of Spider Wood Root used in fish aquariums & terrariums – medium size


Medium sized 10 inch to 16 inch pieces on their longest side. These pieces average about 1/2 pound to 2/3 pound per piece. Total weight will be close to 3 pounds for the shipment (5 pieces).  Contact us by phone (503.815.3762) or e-mail at sales@oregoncoastalflowers.com if you’d like to purchase these in bulk.



We are selling 5 pieces of Spider Wood / Spider Roots medium sized (8 to 14″ average longest length) averaging 1/2 to 2/3# each in bulk.  Some may be lighter, some may be over, but the shipment will average 3 pounds.  Purchase additional quantities, and it will significantly lower shipping price.  

Spider Wood/Spider Roots are specimen driftwood pieces that are perfect for aquariums, reptile terrariums, and floral arrangements with air plants and/or orchids.

All pieces of Spider Wood have their own natural character, shape,and form.  They are self-sinking after being in water for a few days.

The photos above is a representative sample of the pieces of woodavailable, and not the actuall roots which will be supplied.  They are randomly chosen prior to shipping.

Our goal in selling our spider wood roots is to sell only in bulk at a reasonable price.

We are currently selling lots of 5 roots, averaging 2/3 to 1/2# pound each root ranging in diameter (on longest side) from 8 to 14″.  If you buy additional lots we can combine shipping price so price per root drops.

Because these are relatively large for the weight, we ship them balled up in a bag reinforced with shrink wrap.  It may look disorganized compared to shipping in a box, but if we chose a box big enough to hold them, the box would be half full of air.  This increases the shipping price by 30%.  So do not be surprised when they arrive in a bag with shrink wrap.  

Additional Info

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs

"Standard 3" single leg tuber" "Jumbo double leg tuber"

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